The Boldin-enhanced 49ers

In a typical NFL offseason, trades are somewhat rare, and the players moved in such deals aren't front-line stars. The exceptions, like Donovan McNabb, are usually beyond their prime playing days. This offseason appears to be getting off on quite a different foot. The Kansas City Chiefs traded for a new starting QB in Alex Smith (a former No. 1 overall pick); earlier on Monday, the Seattle Seahawks acquired Percy Harvin, one of the top playmakers in the game; and Monday afternoon, the San Francisco 49ers sent a sixth-round pick to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for Anquan Boldin -- according to the Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson. Boldin has been one of the toughest, most reliable pass-catchers in recent postseason memory, and was pivotal in the Ravens' 2012 run to the Super Bowl championship.