Kelly to dub Shurmur as OC?

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter reported Sunday morning that the Philadelphia Eagles are expected to add Pat Shurmur to their coaching staff.

"Former Browns HC Pat Shurmur is expected to join Chip Kelly's coaching staff in Philadelphia, likely as Eagles' offensive coordinator." he tweeted.

The dynamic between Kelly and his offensive coordinator will be interesting to watch next season, as his OC will be an integral part of installing Kelly's uptempo offense. Of course, nothing will be more intriguing than the dynamic between Kelly and whoever he dubs as his starting quarterback.

We know Michael Vick and Nick Foles are in the mix, because they currently are on the Eagles roster, but what about someone like San Francisco 49ers backup Alex Smith? ESPN NFL Insider Chris Sprow thinks the pairing could work:

Chris Sprow

Trade fits for Alex Smith

"Smith ... would not find a lot of things Kelly has done at the college level difficult to learn and execute. After all, he played college football at Utah under Urban Meyer and was asked to make run reads and take off regularly. As a junior, he ran for 631 yards and 10 TDs for Meyer, and his running ability and overall athleticism were major draws when he was taken No. 1 overall in 2004. He's a throwing upgrade over the still-developing Nick Foles, and probably a durability upgrade over Vick. Kelly and the Eagles brass should kick the tires on what it would take to get him."