Aloha means goodbye?

There's a football game being played this Sunday. No, it's not the Baltimore Ravens against the San Francisco 49ers - that's next Sunday. This weekend, the Pro Bowl will be played in Hawaii, with many of the previously scheduled attendees not making the trip westward due to either injury (such as in the case of Matt Ryan) or because they still have a trophy to play for.

After last season's Pro Bowl was criticized for being little more than an uninspired scrimmage with players seeming to just go through the motions, there was talk that Roger Goodell was going to cancel the game, but in the end, he opted to give players one more chance to make it something worth watching for NFL fans.

The league will be watching, and if the Pro Bowl once again looks like something that could take place in your own backyard, then it is likely that this will be the last time the event takes place. The league has until April, when next season's schedule gets released to make the call.