Top 10 prospects for 2015

Connor McDavid is projected as a potential franchise-altering player at the top of the 2015 draft. Francis Wallace/Getty Images

The 2015 NHL draft class contains four elite prospects, although there is a clear separation between Connor McDavid and the next three players. The draft is being promoted as a "superdraft" comparable to 2003, but I think that's a stretch at this point. There are still plenty of question marks on plenty of prospects, as talented as they may be, which is why projecting a draft's strength when most of the players are 16 years old is extremely difficult.

For now, the draft class generally looks strong, mostly due to a very strong top end, but we'll have to see how these guys progress over the next six to eight months before I declare the class as anything more than that.

Here is an early look at my top 10 prospects for next year's draft. This will be updated after the Ivan Hlinka tournament in August.

1. Connor McDavid, C, Erie (OHL)

There is no debate here. None. At all. McDavid is the best prospect since Sidney Crosby, although he's not at the same level Crosby was at the same age. His skating, hands and hockey sense are all elite, and his hockey IQ could be generational, as he simply looks like a unique player in terms of how he processes the game.