Why Lawson Crouse is a top-10 prospect

The stats don't agree with the scouting reports when it comes to Lawson Crouse. Claus Andersen/Getty Images

There is no more contentious prospect in this year’s NHL draft than Kingston Frontenacs winger Lawson Crouse, who is very likely to be selected in the top 10.

Any discussion that involves Crouse becomes divisive almost immediately. It’s not because of a forged birth certificate allegation, or because of his nationality, or that he’s been injured the whole season or that his position tends to be risky to project; and he’s not a KHL flight risk.

No, this debate is about a much simpler issue: Crouse’s production in junior -- or a lack thereof relative to most elite CHL prospects.

Even with that in mind, Crouse is a very good prospect, and deserves to be taken in the top 10 this summer