NHL Morning Links - Dec. 10

The buzz around the league is dominated once again by the debate over fighting, hard hits, etc., after the Bruins-Penguins debacle over the weekend. Bruins forward Shawn Thornton still awaits his penalty from the league, while Penguins forward James Neal was suspended for five games. The game took place on the eve of the Board of Governors meeting as well, which has generated some thought that the topic will certainly be addressed there.

That's not all that is happening out in California, though, as the league announced on Monday that the salary cap will increase to around $71 million for 2014-15. This obviously benefits the teams who spend to the cap -- and now have some more wiggle room for signing their own guys long-term as well as luring new FAs into the mix -- and could generate a bigger market for some impending free agents as well. Let's take our daily lap around the league with the links.