NHL Daily Links - March 11

We're in between two major events now -- the trade deadline and the start of the playoffs -- which means much less speculation on the whereabouts of players, and much more analysis of potential matchups, injuries, line combinations and the like.

A major factor in postseason success is top-tier goaltending, as it's rare that a team can get very far without it. The Minnesota Wild are a potential playoff team that was seen as having some issues in net, and while they did add a goalie at the deadline, it was one whose longest playoff run was 11 games (following the 2011-12 season) in Ilya Bryzgalov. Bryz hasn't generally been seen as a steadying presence in the crease as of late, but the other options for the Wild were not promising either.

However, there is a chance that Minnesota may have Josh Harding -- who was dominant earlier this season -- back in the mix this spring: Harding skated for the first time in over a month. He hasn't played since Dec. 31, but his return could be a spark for the Wild as they attempt to situate themselves for a postseason run. Let's check in with some of the other big stories from around the league.