Getting more rest for players

With concerns that players may be abusing the sleep aid Ambien, the NHL and NHLPA formed a joint committee to study the use of Ambien by players, according to Adrian Dater of the Denver Post. The results are expected to be released by June 30, but in the meantime, the two sides instated some rules in the new CBA to help make sure the players are getting more rest.

"The league, in accord with the NHL Players' Association, instituted rules this past offseason related to getting enough rest as part of its new collective bargaining agreement. Among them: Players must receive at least four days off per month during the season," wrote Dater "Previously, days off were at the coach's discretion. Also, from the time a team's plane lands after a flight, no practice can be started before at least nine hours has elapsed."

Hopefully, these new rules will not only help players maintain healthier sleeping patterns but also help them perform better on the ice. To sleep: perchance to score?