Eaves' health

UPDATE: Forward Patrick Eaves may see some action this season after all. After participating in Wednesday's scrimmage, the 28-year-old forward felt a-okay. (Detroit News)

"It was exciting," Eaves said. "We'll see how it goes. We'll see how Thursday goes. I'm not trying to look too far ahead."

The fact that Eaves remained symptom-free after the workout suggests a return could be in order. Not this weekend or next, mind you, but sometime this campaign.

Eaves is scheduled to meet with doctors again once training camp concludes.


Realistically, Patrick Eaves could sit out the entire (abbreviated) 2012-13 season. According to the Detroit News, the Detroit Red Wings forward is still dealing with headaches and dizziness.

"I feel like I'm getting better," Eaves said Monday. "(But) I'm not cleared yet."

It's been nearly 14 months since Eaves suffered a severe concussion and broken jaw. Until the 28-year-old is symptom-free, there's no point in anticipating a return to competition.