How Sens fans will welcome Cooke

Erik Karlsson may be close to returning from the torn Achilles tendon that has kept him on ice since mid-February, but don't expect that to have any impact on the way Ottawa Senators fans welcome the man who injured him, Pittsburgh Penguins pest Matt Cooke.

On Monday, Cooke will pay his first visit to Ottawa since his skate sliced through Karlsson's heel back on Feb. 13. Despite the good news concerning Karlsson's recovery, at least one group of locals are preparing a decidedly hostile reception.

According to CBC's Doug Harrison, about 60 members of Sens fan group Red Scarf Union are finalizing plans for a "Matt Cooke Hatefest," which will include organized chants and the distribution of Western-style "Wanted" posted emblazoned with a picture of Cooke's face.

“There will be quite a few of us carrying that [poster] around,” one RSU member told CBC. “You can chant and everyone hears that, but if some of our signs can get caught on TV, then the message is clearly seen."