Dear Australia, thanks for the football

Webb carries Cal past Hawaii in college football opener (1:50)

Davis Webb throws four touchdowns, on 38-of-54 passing and 441 yards in California's 51-31 win over Hawaii. (1:50)

Dear Australia,

Thanks for hosting college football's season opener as California rolled to a 51-31 win over Hawaii. Good on ya, mate. However, there are a few things that we should probably clear up.

The point of college football these days is to get into the College Football Playoff. Neither team you saw on Friday is destined to get there this season. But Cal could make a bowl game, which will be kind of like its season-opening trip Down Under, but far less exciting. (Orlando in mid-December is nice, right?)

Also, you might have noticed Marshawn Lynch ambling around the Cal sideline -- unclear whether he was there just so he wouldn't get fined.

But, you did get to see a graduate transfer quarterback in Cal's Davis Webb, which is all the rage in the states these days. TCU (Kenny Hill), Oregon (Dakota Prukop), Texas A&M (Trevor Knight) and Virginia (Kurt Benkert) all will start graduate transfers this season. And while we're on that topic, we'd recommend watching those teams to see some that might get a bit closer to the College Football Playoff than Cal or Hawaii.

Those teams might get a bit closer for a few reasons. One of the big ones is defense, which is something you didn't see a lot of during the Cal-Hawaii game. The Rainbow Warriors had a tough time with the Bear Raid offense, and the Bears had a tough time with defense.

And, full disclosure, we realize that our country's stereotype is that we eat a lot of really terrible, unhealthy foods. But, to be honest, that's kind of what happens on football Saturdays (and Fridays). So as far as those two-foot-long hot dogs go? Sorry, not sorry.

However, if the lack of defenses and abundance of processed meat didn't turn you away, let me redirect you to Kickoff Week, which happens next Saturday: Houston-Oklahoma (noon ET, ABC) and LSU-Wisconsin at Lambeau Field (3:30 p.m. ET, ABC) will be fun, Jim Harbaugh's Michigan team will play Hawaii (noon ET, ESPN) and he'll probably throw his headset farther than some of the passes given up on Friday, and USC-Alabama (8 p.m. ET, ESPN) has the potential to break college football in Week 1.

And they say it'll only get better from there. Join us for the ride -- maybe Lynch could snag you a seat on the injury cart if you prefer that method of transportation.

Until the next time we're Down Under, thanks for the hospitality.