Antonio Brown offers to help Tom Brady 'get those hands right'

PITTSBURGH -- The image of Tom Brady running routes with Antonio Brown and his buddy Chad Johnson at a random South Florida high school is at least mildly amusing.

But Brown couldn't help himself Monday night, taking to social media and offering Brady -- who failed haul in a pass from Danny Amendola on a Super Bowl misdirection play -- the chance to train with him.

Brown urged ex-teammate James Harrison to pass along an invitation for Brady to "hmu" -- hit me up -- for some receiver training.

The Steelers aren't too friendly with Harrison since he played malcontent to get himself out of Pittsburgh, only to sign with the New England Patriots. But Brown has been unafraid to needle Harrison a bit, asking him in late December how he got fired on his day off (the Steelers cut him before Christmas).

Brady and Brown are both known for detailed training routines. Brown will train anywhere, anytime. Brady might not be up for that, but perhaps the two will find a place to play catch over the next five months.