What is Mack Brown's future at Texas?

Following a pair of early-season losses, is Mack Brown's job in jeopardy at Texas? AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

It’s getting tense in Austin, Texas.

OK, it’s always tense in Austin. But these days the air seems to be growing thicker by the minute, thanks to back-to-back losses to solid but, at least in the minds of the Texas faithful, not-Longhorn-worthy programs of BYU and Ole Miss.

Head coach Mack Brown is under more fire than the Alamo, roundly booed by the Royal-Memorial Stadium faithful during the Mississippi game and the target of columns such as this scathing review in The Oklahoman.

But in the case of a man like Brown and a program like Texas, the reality isn’t as simple as firing the coach and moving on. There are more factors at play here, the kind of layers that are created with history and success and, well, just being a guy who people like.

Over the weekend, I chatted with a few athletic administrators about dilemmas such as Texas’. They all agreed that Brown’s days are numbered.