Explaining college football rule changes

Would Jadeveon Clowney's hit have been illegal in 2013? Not exactly. Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Amen and pass the potato salad. August practice has started.

We all know that two-a-days are the time for teams to sort out the depth chart and start sculpting the playbook. But this is also the time when coaches are familiarizing their teams with the handful of new and tweaked pages of the NCAA college football rulebook.

“We aren’t just teaching the players the new rules,” North Carolina coach Larry Fedora admits. “We are also teaching ourselves about the new rules.”

When teams hold official scrimmages, they will do so with actual game officials on the field, most assigned by the conference office, just as is the case for regular-season games. Yes, the refs are there to answer questions about the new regulations. But they are also there for themselves, to log some real-time, on-field experience with those new rules before the time comes to throw actual flags in actual games.

So, what are the handful of new rules we all need to get caught up before games start later this month? Grab a notebook, a whistle, and read ahead.

1. Illegal Hits