South Carolina rides for its team

Ah, the occasional school fan video created to inspire a nation. Rarely do they come across exactly how the performers envision, but they're entertaining nonetheless.

In the last few years we've heard many a fan-produced song dedicated to college football programs. Naturally, the SEC is a melting pot for such acts. There have been a few rock-inspired gems; slower, twangy country numbers; and rap songs.

Mostly, just rap songs. Hey, it gets the people going!

Well, with the season creeping closer, we have another SEC rap out there. This time, it's all about the South Carolina Gamecocks. The song is called "Ride For My Team (Forever to Thee)" and it was created by Joey Thompson and Fabio Frey of Dinobrite Productions. Both are recent South Carolina alums.

It's not half bad, either. It has good production quality, the lyrics are original and I think Michael Bolton is singing in the background. Most importantly, the hook is catchy and you can nod your head to the beat.

Can you blare it in your car while rolling down University Avenue? We'll let Gamecocks fans decide that one.

There's also some star power in the video. Several former South Carolina players, including a few current NFL players, make appearances. Marcus Lattimore even makes his way into the video, sporting that boyish smile that has touched just about everyone's heart. Now, Lattimore was never about flash when he was at South Carolina, but he shows off some swag by driving by Williams-Brice Stadium at the end of the video in a sweet black Ferrari with Heisman Trophy-winning Gamecocks legend George Rogers sitting next to him.

Oh, and there's a tiger on a chain. I have a feeling that's symbolism for the Gamecocks' recent success over instate rival Clemson.

Now, if someone can just get the Head Ball Coach to dance to this ...