Monday chat wrap

We had another great chat today, but our beloved readers found out that I don't watch "Breaking Bad." I guess it really is a big deal, huh?

Here's the chat wrap if you were too busy trying to sack Johnny Manziel during your lunch break and missed it:

Tony (Richmond, CA)

Does the NCAA need to change the targeting rule to all or nothing? Meaning it's either 15 yards and an ejection or pick up the flag.

Edward Aschoff (12:02 PM)

I get that it's all about safety. I really do. I don't think you should get rid of it, but it has to be amended. That call on Ha Ha Clinton-Dix was awful. Just awful. It shouldn't have even been a penalty, let alone a targeting call. And you have to wipe away the penalty if you overturn the targeting call. I wonder how refs are going to interpret it now after that bad call.

Chris Shelton (Virginia)

With all the prolific high powered offenses's in the SEC and in the country for that matter, what is the definition of a good defense these days? Seems three years ago it was a defensive league and now even the great defenses are giving up 400 plus.

Edward Aschoff (12:04 PM)

Ha, it's kind of hard to tell, but I still think there are two very, very good defenses in this league: Florida and LSU. And I do wonder what would happen if Alabama played someone outside of the SEC. Oh, wait. That DID happen. ... I still think it's too early to say that the SEC is void of good defenses. South Carolina made strides against a good Vandy offense, allowing only 270 yards on Saturday. Things will get better on that side of the ball.

Jimmy (knoxville) [via mobile]

What are the odds Tennessee beats Florida on Saturday?

Edward Aschoff (12:05 PM)

If Tennessee can force turnovers it has a chance. But I worry about that defense as a whole. Florida has moved the ball well before it has reached the red zone. The home crowd should help the Gators, and I think they are frustrated with last week's play. Can Tennessee move the ball against Florida's defense? I'm not so sure.

Clowney Fan (South Carolina)

Can South Carolina still be an SEC East contender?

Edward Aschoff (12:06 PM)

Very much. No LSU, like Florida and Georgia. This defense will get better and the offense is putting up points and yards. I still like the Gamecocks' chances, especially with LSU being so good and being a major roadblock for the Gators and Dawgs.

Casey (Fort Stewart, GA)

So far this season, what RB would you pick to be your starter? Todd Gurley, T.J. Yeldon, Mike Davis, Alex Collins, Jeremy Hill? And do you see Hutson Mason getting some playing time this week against North Texas like say the entire second half maybe?

Edward Aschoff (12:07 PM)

I'm going Todd Gurley all day. He's a better running back now than he was last year. He's not as explosive as Yeldon, but he's tougher between the tackles. He isn't as shifty, but he doesn't need to be. Gurley is the complete package and has gotten better as a football player.