Barbershop, mirror TVs in A&M locker room

The SEC facilities arms race is never ending. Texas A&M's most recent project is evidence of that fact.

The Aggies just completed a massive renovation of the first floor of the Bright Football Complex, where the football team is headquartered, and the project includes some sparkling new locker rooms that resemble a nightclub as much as it does a football facility. The 36,000-square foot renovation, which includes a barbershop and flatscreen televisions in the mirrors, is part of a $32 million improvement of the Bright Complex.

The new Lohman Center lobby inside of Bright, which cost $4 million, and the R.C. Slocum Nutrition Center ($12 million), where the athletes eat, were completed last year. The other $16 million is allotted for the new locker rooms, training rooms and meeting rooms (seen below) as well as the third-floor coaches offices, which will begin renovation next February with a scheduled July 2015 completion.

Here's a brief video tour of the finished product:


The locker room itself is large and the lockers have a sleek design:

And there is a barbershop inside the locker room. No, I'm not joking:

TVs in the bathroom mirrors? TVs in the bathroom mirrors.

Here is a look at the "wet area" where players have a hot tub (that reaches over 100 degrees) and a cold tub (that dips into the low-50s):

The positional meeting rooms were renovated as well:

So was the training room:

Here's a look at the reconstructed Hagner Auditorium, where team meetings happen:

Needless to say, the reaction from the Texas A&M players is one of amazement. Junior punter Drew Kaser: