Otto Porter has been consistently sharp from 3-point range

Otto Porter has had an improved touch on his 3-point shots this season. Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

The Washington Wizards have two great guards in John Wall and Bradley Beal, so unless you’re ultra-familiar with the team, it’s easy to forget about how good small forward Otto Porter has been the season.

Porter enters Monday night's game as the league’s leading 3-point shooter at 45 percent. He’s been consistent all season, and it’s actually March that has been his worst month (38 percent). In the preceding three months, he shot 49 percent in December, 49 percent in January and 46 percent in February.

When Porter makes his 3-pointers, the Wizards win. They’re 17-4 when he makes at least three in a game and 25-23 in all other games, though he’s only made three or more once in his past 14 games.

Porter has been a better shooter in every regard this season, from both 2-point and 3-point range, as well as the free throw line.

Hot zones

Porter’s area of excellence is the right side of the floor and he’s consistent whether he’s shooting a 3-pointer from the corner or the wing. He’s a 48 percent 3-point shooter from both the right wing and the right corner. His best spot percentage-wise is the left wing (50 percent), but the left corner has presented some trouble for him (34 percent).

The other spot that has been good for him of late has been the foul line. He’s been a 90 percent free throw shooter in his last 20 games (37-of-41), upping his season percentage to 82 percent.

Boston was his finest

Porter’s best game of the season came against the team he’ll face on Monday night-- the Celtics. On Nov. 9 he scored a career-high 34 points on 14-of-19 shooting, including three 3-pointers. He also tied career highs with 14 rebounds and three blocked shots.

The last Wizards/Bullets player to score that many points, grab that many rebounds and shoot as well as Porter did (14-of-19, 73.7 percent) was Moses Malone against the Bucks in January 1988.

Recent surge

Porter had a four-game slump at the start of March, which is part of why his numbers sunk a little bit.

But since going 9-of-29 in that four-game span, he is shooting 44 percent and 43 percent from 3-point range in his last seven (though he ran into some issues his last two games against the Bulls and the Hornets.