Jazz looking to defend home court in Game 3 vs. Clips

The Utah Jazz will host the LA Clippers on Friday at 10:00 p.m. ET on ESPN2/WatchESPN. It's the Jazz's first home playoff game since the 2011-12 season. Utah is 5-0 all-time vs. the Clippers in home playoff games. Meanwhile, the Clippers have lost six consecutive road playoff games.

Paul looking to turn around playoff road struggles

Chris Paul is averaging 23 points and 10.5 assists per game vs. the Jazz in the playoffs. The Clippers' All-Star point guard is 8-25 in road playoff games.

Paul has been the go-to guy, averaging 9.5 PPG in the fourth quarter of this series, six points better than any other player on his team. He's shooting 61.5 percent from the field and hasn't turned the ball over in the fourth quarter in either game.

Favors filling in for Gobert

The Clips dominated the paint in Game 2 without Rudy Gobert anchoring Utah's defense. Derrick Favors replaced Gobert, which has had a noted impact on Utah's defense.

The drop in defensive production without Gobert is not surprising. During the regular season, the Jazz were seven points better per 100 possessions defensively with Gobert on the floor.

Clips' bigs having their way

Blake Griffin has posted 26 and 24 points in the two games this series, but most of his damage is coming in the first half. Griffin averages 16.5 points in the first half, shooting 52 percent from the field.

Meanwhile, DeAndre Jordan has enjoyed not having Gobert in the lineup. Through two games, Jordan has averaged 14 PPG on 72 percent shooting while making seven dunks. During the regular season, Jordan shot just 52 percent from the field against Utah.

In NBA history, the Game 3 winner of a tied best-of-seven series has gone on to win the series 74 percent of the time.