Ranking the rookies: Clear favorites in both leagues

With only about a third of the season remaining, Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa and Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant not only have the most long-term potential among MLB rookies, they also have commanding leads to win Rookie of the Year honors in their respective leagues.

Here is a glance at the Rookie of the Year races in both leagues, based on performance this season. I also asked five scouts to give me their overall long-term grade of each player and posted the average below. Here's what each grade equates to:

50 = average major league player
55 = above-average major league player
60 = future All-Star-caliber player
65 = future All-Star/Silver Slugger/Gold Glove/Cy Young/relief award candidate
70 = perennial All-Star
75/80 = Hall of Fame-caliber

American League

1. Carlos Correa, SS
Houston Astros
Trending: up

Relevant stats: .282/.343/.546, 14 HR, 37 RBIs, 9 SB, 2.8 WAR

Correa has all but clinched the American League Rookie of the Year award despite not being promoted to the major leagues until June 7. Since that time, he has dominated on both sides of the ball and is already considered the best all-around shortstop in the sport.

Future scouting grade: 75