Red, White and blue? Sox rock, while others blunder in D.C.

What would it take for White Sox to trade Jose Quintana? (1:47)

Following recent deals involving Chris Sale and Adam Eaton, the Baseball Tonight crew proposes trades involving White Sox pitcher Jose Quintana and sees which team would say no. (1:47)

The 2016 winter meetings were filled with drama, especially if your rooting interest involves Sox -- whether they’re Red or White. Most of you know by now that the Red Sox acquired another ace in left-hander Chris Sale which now makes them the team to beat in the American League, while the White Sox made two major trades that GMs are calling the two best rebuilding trades in perhaps the history of baseball.

But the meetings also had drama with a bidding war for closers. That resulted in Mark Melancon landing a record-breaking deal for closers with a four-year pact with the Giants, only to be outdone by the Cubs when they acquired Wade Davis in a trade with the Royals, only to be topped by the Yankees late Wednesday night, when they broke Melancon's record for closers with a five-year, $86 million deal with Aroldis Chapman.

However, most teams were relatively quiet. The free agent market is still loaded -- Edwin Encarnacion, Mark Trumbo, Kenley Jansen and Justin Turner are all still without jobs. Many clubs pointed to the fact that the collective bargaining agreement wasn’t finalized until the last minute, which they claim slowed down both the trade and free agent markets, while thinking those will speed back up next week before the holidays. However, in my opinion it’s unfortunate that these moves couldn’t be made during the winter meetings, where the whole sports world is watching with tremendous television, radio and internet coverage.

So what did we learn from these winter meetings?

Some teams misevaluated their winter meeting trades

There was some obvious misevaluation of outfielders that were traded at the winter meetings, in particular in the Cubs-Royals trade and the Nationals-White Sox deal. The Royals acquired Jorge Soler from the Cubs in exchange for Wade Davis, while the Nationals acquired Adam Eaton from the White Sox for three of their best pitching prospects.