Boston hopes Morales can be lefty specialist

The Boston Red Sox have acquired left-handed pitcher Franklin Morales from the Colorado Rockiesfor a player to be named later or cash. Morales, has a 93-95 mph fastball with a hard, biting curveball. He shows good arm speed on the changeup. His major problem has always been his an ability to repeat his delivery and release point. His inconsistency with his command and control has as much to do with the delivery as it does with his lack of focus and concentration on a pitch-by-pitch basis. This is demonstrated by his career numbers in the minor leagues, where he averaged five walks per nine innings and a whip of 1.5.

Here’s the key for the Red Sox, though: They acquired Morales in order to develop him into a lefty specialist. Left-handed hitters are hitting just .185 against him. The Red Sox feel if they won't have to worry about his focus or command if they bring him in to face one batter. They will tell him to pound the zone, use the curveball, get the lefty out, and walk off the field. This role could be effective for Morales if he learns to not be so fine with his pitches and just throw strikes. His stuff is good enough to be effective in this role.

The Red Sox would not tell me whom the player to be named later would be, but by rule, the Red Sox have up to six months to decide on the player with the Rockies or pay them the agreed amount of cash considerations in the deal.

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