Houston's new challenge

The Astros should look to move Wandy Rodriguez in order to retool for the AL in 2013. Bob Levey/Getty Images

Change is afoot in Texas. The Houston baseball franchise hasn’t seen this much change since it went from being known as the Colt 45’s to the Houston Astros nearly 47 years ago.

MLB owners yesterday approved the sale of the Astros to Houston-based businessman Jim Crane, as well as the move of the Astros from the National League Central to the American League West in 2013.

For Crane, there is much work to be done. Though this time of year usually is about teams taking care of the personnel on the field, Crane must worry about his front office, too. In a short press conference yesterday, Crane said he will reassess the management team as well as make rebuilding the minor league system a top priority.

"From soup to nuts, we'll sit down with all the executives, ask them what they think we're doing right, ask them what they think we're doing wrong, and we'll make some very, very quick adjustments," Crane said yesterday.

In other words, that means the fates of general manager Ed Wade and president of baseball operations Tal Smith are in limbo. Quite frankly, if Wade and Smith are part of an overhaul, no one should be surprised; that’s what happens when new owners take over any business.