Trumbo, not Pujols, is Angels' MVP so far

Trumbo's versatility and production makes him the Angels' MVP so far. AP Photo/Chris Carlson

When the Los Angeles Angels dropped a 10-year, $240 million contract on Albert Pujols, the No. 1 free agent this past offseason, the media and fans immediately turned their attention toward Anaheim. The three-time National League Most Valuable Player quickly became the front-runner to win the AL version this year. But his early season slump, as well as the team’s losses, dominated April's headlines.

When the Los Angeles Angels sought an elixir for what ailed them, they called up outfielder Mike Trout, who ESPN’s own Keith Law deemed the game’s No. 1 prospect in the minor leagues. Pujols and the Angels’ play improved while talk continued of Trout as a candidate for AL Rookie of the Year.

But perhaps lost in the shuffle of all the news and bombast surrounding Trout and Pujols has been the consistency and versatility of Mark Trumbo. Quietly, Trumbo has done all that has been asked of him and more and has been arguably the Angels’ MVP this year.