Logical deals for Pence, Bell and others

Over 95 percent of the trades that GMs will work on this month will not come to fruition. And with all the names that are bandied about only a small minority will actually get moved.

Here are my top five players who I think will actually get moved at the trade deadline, along with a realistic trade idea for each guy. I ranked the players in terms of the package they should be able to bring back. Hunter Pence is listed first because the club that acquires him will have control of him for two more years. Heath Bell is listed second because the club that gets him will likely get two draft picks as compensation, assuming he is offered arbitration and signs elsewhere. Carlos Beltran is third because he has a clause in his contract that says he can't be offered arbitration, which means the team that gets him won't receive draft-pick compensation if he signs elsewhere this winter.

1. Hunter Pence, RF, Houston Astros

Traded to the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for: