Braves jump the gun with Teheran deal

When the Atlanta Braves signed first baseman Freddie Freeman to an eight-year, $135 million extension recently, I loved the deal.

Here was a team taking the expected revenue from the new stadium it will soon have and locking up a young position player who not only has a track record of success, but also has shown steady improvement. The deal continued the trend of teams locking up promising young players before they hit free agency in order to better control cost, and it also recognizes that salaries are only going to keep increasing along with revenues.

With that in mind, I can see why the Braves chose to give right-hander Julio Teheran a six-year extension -- reportedly worth $32.4 million -- with a team option for 2020, but I think Atlanta should have waited a little longer before locking up Teheran, and I question the decision to sign him now.

Unlike Freeman, Teheran does not have much of a track record.