Braves can learn from failure

Craig Kimbrel was winded down the stretch, and the Braves must manage his workload better. Daniel Shirey/US Presswire

Today in the Atlanta Braves' front office, it's probably quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

After a historic night that witnessed the Braves cap off a historic collapse -- blowing an 8 1/2-game lead in the NL wild card -- the mournful feeling that's permeating Atlanta's front office is most likely palpable. Baseball players are taught early in their playing careers to have short memories, to turn the page quickly. Unfortunately, this one is going to sting for a while.

The Braves' front office will take the weekend to compose itself and regroup, and on Monday there will be meetings to address Wednesday's carnage as well as the season as a whole. The same will happen in Boston, but the horizons the two teams face are very different. While age and a barren farm system dim the Red Sox's upside going into 2012, the Braves have a much brighter outlook.