Time for the NL to adopt the DH

If the DH were abolished, a player like David Ortiz might have to retire. Jim Rogash/Getty Images

On Sunday, MLB finished up the interleague portion of the schedule for 2012, and it was the end of interleague play as we know it. In 2013, the Houston Astros will move to the American League, which will give each league 15 teams and also give us interleague play all season long.

This development is positive in that it will give us six divisions with five teams apiece, but it poses its own set of problems. Chief among them is the designated hitter rule. With so many interleague games, having two sets of rules complicates matters for a game struggling to remain simple and fan-friendly.

Let’s be clear: It is time for baseball to get both of its leagues synchronized with the same rule, whether that’s with or without the designated hitter.

Since abolishing the DH would never get approved by the MLB players' association, the game has no choice but to embrace the DH -- from the major leagues down through all levels of the minor leagues.