Tigers need a proven winner at the helm

The baseball world was taken a bit by surprise Monday morning with the news that Jim Leyland is stepping down as manager of the Detroit Tigers. I assumed that he'd want to take one more shot at the World Series with this talented team, but at age 68 I guess he decided he's had enough.

Between the available managerial jobs in Washington, Cincinnati and now Detroit, there are a lot of desirable positions out there, as all three clubs have serious World Series potential for 2014.

However, I think the Tigers job is the best of the three, as they have strongest talent base for the next two years. The Nationals are right behind them in terms of talent, but they need someone who can come in with a long-term outlook, while the Reds lag behind just a little bit as their roster isn't quite as good as the Tigers' or Nationals'.

As good as the Tigers are, they have a few players who are peaking now, which means their realistic window to win a World Series is the next two seasons. As a result, they need someone with a track record of winning, and two names immediately come to mind.