Ranking the 50 World Series players

With the start of the World Series just two days away, let's take a look at both rosters. Every year someone rises to the occasion and has a profound impact. It could be one of the team's stars, or it could be a role player called upon to do one specific task.

Here are my annual World Series rankings of the 50 active players of the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals. They are ranked based on their potential positive impact on the World Series only (not on their regular-season performances or on their future potential).

1. Yadier Molina | C | St. Louis Cardinals

There is no catcher in baseball better at preparing and executing a game plan. His ability to frame pitches, shut down the running game and call a game are simply the best in the sport. Offensively, he didn't have a good championship series, so I expect him to break out during the World Series.