GMs chime in on offseason moves

Can Masahiro Tanaka put the Yankees into playoff contention? We asked some GMs. AFP/Getty Images

Being a former general manager, I know full well what this period in the offseason is like. There's a lot of waiting and posturing by players, teams and agents. And everyone is sizing up exactly what the competition has done or still needs to do.

So I thought it would be interesting to ask some current general managers what they thought of some of the offseason moves thus far, and what other things they think still need to be done. Here's what they had to say, as well as my take on each issue. (The GMs have been granted anonymity so they can be a bit more candid.)

1. Which available free agent immediately puts his team into playoff contention?

AL GM: "Masahiro Tanaka I think would make us instant playoff contenders.