Three heated draft debates

There are spirited debates going on within the walls of big league clubs, as the 2014 draft is just a day away. In my 25 years of draft experience, I’ve seen my share of drama and water bottles flung across the room. Quite frankly, it was one of my favorite times of the year. The baseball discussions among some of the game’s best evaluators are priceless. If a team would ever consent to a camera crew, it would make for great television.

The disagreements in the rooms from scouts, national crosscheckers and front office executives can get heated because one wrong placement of a player on the list can change the future of the franchise. And this year’s draft offers as much debate as there has been in years.

Let’s look at three of the most debated topics teams are dealing with right now.

Debate 1: Who’s the best position player on the board?

A majority of teams have two high school players –-- catcher/outfielder Alex Jackson from Rancho Bernardo HS (San Diego), and shortstop Nick Gordon from Olympia HS (Orlando, Fla.) -- as the top position players in this year’s draft.

Clubs normally don’t draft for positional need, especially with high school players because they change so much over the three to five years it takes to reach the major leagues. So they take the best player on the board.