21 hitters who could be dealt this summer

Chase Utley is hitting .296/.358/.454 this season for the last-place Phillies. Tim Heitman/USA TODAY Sports

With MLB's trade deadline just five weeks away, 23 teams are within six games of making the playoffs. This means just seven teams can be considered sellers at this juncture, with some of those still considering themselves either holding or buyers.

Several contending teams are looking for corner-outfield bats, middle infielders or bench help, and the trade market is not flooded with trade opportunities. However, a plethora of position players could move between now and the deadline.

I went through every major league roster and came up with 21 position players who have a shot of being traded this summer and could affect the pennant race. Below is a breakdown of the names as well as why (and where) they could be moved.

Middle infielders

lastname Chase Utley | 2B | Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies are hanging by a thread in the wild-card race, but they should be looking to sell, and Utley is probably their most attractive piece until Cliff Lee proves he is healthy. The caveat here is that Utley can veto any trade and has indicated he doesn't want to leave Philadelphia. That said, he could change his mind if the Phillies continue to struggle and he decides he wants one more shot at a World Series.

Chance of being traded: 10 percent

Possible fits: Baltimore Orioles, Toronto Blue Jays, San Francisco Giants, Oakland Athletics, St. Louis Cardinals

lastname Jimmy Rollins | SS | Philadelphia Phillies

Like Utley, Rollins can veto any trade and says he prefers to stay in Philly.