15 pitchers who could be traded

David Price and Jeff Samardzija are just two of a handful of big-named pitchers on the trade block. Getty Images, AP Photo

With MLB's trade deadline just five weeks away, there are currently 22 teams within six games of a playoff slot. This means just eight teams can be considered "sellers" at this juncture, and some of those teams consider themselves in either "hold" or even "buy" mode.

Most contending teams are looking for pitching, whether it's starters, setup relievers, lefty specialists or closers. With so few true "sellers," the asking prices are pretty exorbitant at the moment and could stay that way due to the lack of supply and high demand.

Here is a list of 15 pitchers -- seven starters and eight relievers -- I think could be dealt prior to the trade deadline, along with their chances of being dealt and possible trade partners.

Starting pitchers


David Price, LHP, Tampa Bay Rays (Age: 28)

Price is the best starting pitcher on the market, and the trade return for him should be the highest of any player moved between now and the deadline. The Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals have the strongest farm systems among the teams pursing Price, with the Cardinals having the most young pitching to get a deal done.