UF tops among potential coaching moves

Will Muschamp's days as Florida's head coach could be numbered. Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports

With 31 first-year FBS coaches in 2013, I really did think we were going to have a relatively quiet coaching carousel this go-round. Now all of a sudden, Florida, Nebraska, Texas and USC could all potentially be vacant at the same time. Michigan might soon be headed that way, too, and possibly Texas A&M and South Carolina (with other coaching dominoes to follow).

That’s where the Week 13 Takeaways begin on the strangest Saturday of the season. Favorites fell, Heisman contenders struggled and, man, was it cold. The chill made it even to Baton Rouge, where LSU shut down Johnny Manziel in a way we have never before seen.

1. Muschamp could be in trouble in a busier-than-expected coaching carousel season

I had been in Will Muschamp’s corner, believing crippling injuries this season (QB Jeff Driskel and DT Dominique Easley among them) had created an impossible situation for Florida to win Southeastern Conference games. But losing to a Southern Conference opponent? That’s different.

Georgia Southern didn’t complete a pass Saturday, but it did win a game at Florida. It was the Gators’ sixth consecutive loss, bringing their record to 4-7. Welcome to rock bottom in the Swamp, which has had all the energy of a puddle for the better part of two months.

And now AD Jeremy Foley, university president Bernie Machen and the school’s big-money donors are in a strange spot. They had all publicly supported Muschamp and his staff, but that was before Georgia Southern. Losing to Georgia Southern seemed unfathomable. It’s still difficult to figure out how that could happen, considering the talent on both sidelines and the fact that UF played South Carolina tough the week before.

Is there any way Muschamp could still keep his job, outside of upsetting FSU? I talked to one AD on Saturday, and he said he thought the injuries might still be a compelling enough reason to give the staff another season.