Takeaways from Oregon-Stanford

Tyler Gaffney and the Cardinal dominated the Ducks. But how much did it boost their BCS case? Kelley L Cox/USA TODAY Sports

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- When I heard pieces of it Wednesday, Stanford’s game plan for Oregon seemed sound. The Ducks, however, typically have a way of nuking plans with their speed.

“They’re a different animal,” Cardinal defensive coordinator Derek Mason told me. “We have to drag them into deep water.”

That was his way of saying Stanford had to slow Oregon and force it to grind when it had the ball rather than score on three- or five-play drives.

“We have to get them off schedule,” Mason said.

And in the Cardinal's 26-0 start (never mind the final few minutes) Thursday night, that is precisely what happened.

Stanford’s dominating performance, and what it does to the BCS race, leads a special Friday version of Takeaways. Also included is a look at Baylor’s big-picture prospects following its win over Oklahoma.