Is Miami primed for a breakout year?

Coaching peers believe Al Golden has what it takes to return Miami to elite status. Steve Mitchell/US Presswire

Earlier in the year, I was polling some coaches about who they thought the most intriguing college football programs would be in the next two to four years. Some of the answers -- a handful of SEC teams, Ohio State and even USC -- were fairly predictable. They were the highly visible, typically discussed schools.

But the support that one, Miami, received was a bit surprising, considering that it hasn’t sniffed a double-digit-win season (meaning it hasn’t been in the BCS title hunt) in a decade. Some of those who were high on the Hurricanes were ACC guys, even.

I was curious why. I like Al Golden as much as the next person, but who is to say Miami might be “back” as much as any other name-brand program on the short list that includes FSU, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Texas or Tennessee?

Here are a few major points that came up in these conversations -- factors that could influence whether or not Miami returns to prominence this year or in the near future.