Overrated, underrated in coaches' poll

Are Urban Meyer's Ohio State Buckeyes really the second-best team in the country? Aaron Josefczyk/Icon SMI

It’s no specific fault of the pollsters -- though it’s silly the coaches, often biased, uninformed or both, still have a meaningful poll -- but we all err when establishing preseason rankings. It’s the way it goes. But we want to have something about which to converse in August, so we continue on these prognosticating ventures. I’m good with that. I like the conversation, and it means we can pick at the initial projection.

With the USA Today preseason coaches' poll now out, let’s examine which teams might be underrated and which might be overrated (including a pair of national title contenders) by the coaches.


Ohio State Buckeyes

Ranked: No. 2

I didn’t ask him when I saw him this week, but based on the conversation I had with him earlier in the offseason, coach Urban Meyer likely would agree with me on this.

Of course, Meyer will want to downplay the potential of his team, and whether it really is the greatest threat to the SEC dynasty. But the fact is that most anyone I ask agrees that the Buckeyes’ 12-0 record last season was incredibly weak (relatively speaking) and might not be the best indication of what to expect in 2013.