Petrino is a risk worth taking for Cardinals

Louisville's move to the Power Five will present new challenges for Bobby Petrino. AP Photo/Garry Jones

As we count down 50 days until the start of the 2014 college football season, ESPN Insider Travis Haney is answering at least one big question a day until South Carolina and Texas A&M’s kickoff on Aug. 28.

Heisman contenders, breakout freshmen, conference winners -- it will all be covered as part of Insider’s Ultimate Season Preview.

Today’s question: Bobby Petrino, successful gamble for the Louisville Cardinals or avoidable disaster?

I had never met Petrino until Monday morning, and I found him to be extremely reserved and calculating in both his choice and volume of words. Even when Petrino said something, he didn’t say much.

It was a brilliant way of attacking his most visible day since the ill-fated motorcycle accident terminated his promising run at Arkansas.

Would we have preferred if Petrino spilled his soul and offered emotionally deep accounts of his past two years? Sure. It would have made for nice copy, TV and radio. But Petrino is a football coach, and if he wants to talk ball, then who are we to blame him?

I asked him what those initial conversations were like with Tom Jurich, the AD who would hire Petrino for a second time -- this time when Petrino was still stained.