Best long-shot BCS title contenders

At the going rate, you’d have to bet a fortune on Alabama to win anything, provided the Crimson Tide proceed to win a fourth championship in five years. But where can you find value on the futures board? Which not-quite-on-the-radar teams could make a sustained push for the title?

One disclaimer before we get to our list of the top long-shot BCS title teams: A fairy-tale regular season could still end with an upstart team getting Notre Dame-style dump-trucked by Bama in the BCS championship game. But hey, having that semi-long-shot rooting interest could still be fun, even if it isn’t fruitful. It’s all about entertainment, right?

With that said, here are five intriguing long-shot BCS title contenders (we're defining long shots as teams listed with odds of 20-1 or higher by Bovada sportsbook).

South Carolina Gamecocks

Odds: 20-1