A&M adjusts to Manziel's unpredictability

COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- By its very nature, there is no plan for spontaneity. So it is somewhat amusing that Alabama and Nick Saban have spent however much time they have invested since last November devising and perfecting a plan for Johnny Manziel -- the most unpredictable player in college football -- in advance of Saturday’s "Game of the Century" here in the heart of Texas.

After listening to Manziel’s teammates and coaches Tuesday, it is obvious that they don’t know exactly what he’s going to do. So if the guys in maroon aren’t sure, how are the Crimson Tide supposed to know?

Both sides, as potentially futile as it might be, are planning for what -- or whom -- cannot be planned.

This is the impact Manziel has on a game, the game. This is why, even when all of the off-field stuff is boiled away, he is fascinating solely on a football level.