Why Florida State has edge over Oregon

Florida State has talent at every position, including running back, with Karlos Williams. Jeff Gammons/Getty Images

I had one coach tell me last week that Florida State would play for a national title. I had another tell me Oregon would.

Well, if Alabama wins out, it will not be both; it will be either the Seminoles or the Ducks. The tougher remaining schedule favors Oregon in the BCS formula, but who would have the better shot at beating the Tide?

That’s where we begin the Week 9 Takeaways, which also include college football’s toughest player, a debate over whether Baylor or Ohio State is the better team, and a messy day for the ACC Coastal.

1. Why FSU is the nation's second-best team, not Oregon

Our BCS expert Brad Edwards is projecting that the Ducks, following their 42-14 win over UCLA on Saturday, will jump the Seminoles in Sunday's BCS standings to the No. 2 spot. And with a road trip to Stanford next up on Oregon's schedule, it would appear as though the résumé advantage lies with the Ducks if both teams (along with Bama) finish the season undefeated.

But I'm going to use a different approach to differentiate between the two: Which has a better chance of beating Alabama?