What's wrong with Florida's offense?

Will Muschamp and the 4-3 Gators have struggled mightily on offense. Stacy Revere/Getty Images

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – I arrived at Florida’s football offices about 48 hours after the team’s loss at Missouri, the second thorough, physically eroding road loss in as many weeks. There wasn’t a great deal of tension surrounding the home of the 4-3 Gators, but there was a noticeable fatigue. And that was understandable given recent results, plus the seemingly constant flow of devastating injuries that have made things challenging.

Sucking on a cough drop, coach Will Muschamp was himself, affable and about as genuine as they get in the business, despite the obvious struggles of the season’s first half. I came to town to talk about his team’s offense and why it hasn’t reached a level of consistent productivity by Year No. 3. Some coaches and staffs would be defensive about that sort of thing, but Muschamp was realistically hopeful about where the Gators are and where they’re heading when it comes to scoring points.

“We should be farther along than we are. I’ll say that,” Muschamp told me.

Florida, coming off a bye, plays Georgia on Saturday in Jacksonville, Fla. It’s an SEC East knockout game between teams that both carry two conference losses.

The Gators are not out of the division race just yet but, partly because of all they’ve endured, they don’t quite feel in it, either. Their offense, after all, hasn’t supplied much reason for hope in 2013.