Ranking college football's 'Real Top 10'

Where do Fisher's Seminoles, Shaw's Cardinal and Andersen's Badgers rank in the "Real Top 10"? USA TODAY Sports

For those who squawk about polls being released too early, creating undue bias, how’s Nov. 20 suit you? Today’s the day we unveil our “Real Top 10,” produced with input from coaches, team metrics (more on that below) and Las Vegas.

The goal is to determine the top-10 teams in the country by asking this question: On a neutral field, who would beat whom? Or, put another way, who would be favored over whom?

In terms of team index metrics, we’ve incorporated ESPN's Football Power Index (FPI) and Insider contributor Brian Fremeau's FEI metric to help determine our "real ranks." And for our Vegas component, we culled thoughts and individual power ratings from BrianEdwardsSports.com, DonBestAdvantage.com and MadduxSports.com.

ESPN analyst Danny Kanell, for one, will enjoy the fruits of the exercise. And relax, Bama fans; as long as your Tide are in one of the top two spots, then you’ll get your chance to settle what’s what on the field.

In the meantime, here’s the Real Top 10.

1. Florida State Seminoles

Average position among our five metrics: 1.8

What one coach recently told me broke a tie between the Seminoles and Tide, who were even in our evaluating tools.