Coaches' scouting intel on title games

The speed of QB James Franklin (right) and Mizzou's other offensive stars could give Auburn fits. Don McPeak/USA TODAY Sports

With many teams off this weekend, coaches could have a little more time than usual to take in the four conference championship games Saturday -- those in the ACC, SEC, Pac-12 and Big Ten.

Ahead of those four matchups, I got coaches who went up against the participating teams to share some of their insights about what we should expect this weekend, and mixed in a few of my own.

ACC: Florida State Seminoles versus Duke Blue Devils

Coach No. 1 on Duke: “They’re one of the two or three best-coached teams in the conference. They know what they’re doing. They’re opportunistic on defense. They do a good job of taking away what you like to do, the run game or particular routes that you like in the passing game. Everyone talks about that, but they actually do it. The offense adjusts well on game days, too.”