Nation's most impactful spring injuries

Ohio State's Braxton Miller will miss some spring reps following shoulder surgery. Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports

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You know, the absurd number of injuries the Georgia football team dealt with in 2013 started with the head coach. Mark Richt, who had hip replacement surgery last year, wasn’t in the best of spirits when I visited his office in April. Rehab was tough and he wasn’t moving all that well. He seemed much more upbeat when I talked with him last week.

“I’ve about kicked it,” Richt said, laughing. “I don’t have to run or play on it, so I’ll be OK.”

Like Richt, the Bulldogs are on the mend -- and they do have to run and play on their healing parts. Florida, which also endured an inordinate number of major injuries last year, is likewise hopeful of a rebound.

Those regular SEC East contenders lead off our discussion of important spring injuries. Some teams are getting players back, while others will be missing pieces for their upcoming practices.

Richt aside, the medical omens were evident for both the Bulldogs and Gators. Freshman corner Reggie Wilkerson, who was likely going to be in the rotation for Georgia, tore his ACL in preseason camp. Receiver Malcolm Mitchell then did the same during the Clemson game, celebrating UGA’s first touchdown of the year. It was the most damaging flying butt bump in football history.

Meanwhile, when I visited Gainesville a few days before the Gators’ opener, they announced that vital offensive tackle Chaz Green had torn his ACL. From there, as you know, things spiraled. Georgia finished 8-5, Florida 4-8 and neither flirted with the division crown for which they fought head-to-head the season before.