LSU, other contenders will evolve

Kenny Hilliard ignited a Tigers ground game that gained 77 yards in the fourth quarter. Bob Levey/Getty Images

HOUSTON -- Let’s set something straight about the new College Football Playoff: The only teams in real danger of being out of contention after Week 1 are the ones that lost.

UCLA looked bad -- really bad in spots -- but it won. Ohio State missed Braxton Miller, but pulled away from Navy. FSU and Alabama were not great, either, but they won. Here in Houston, LSU had to come back from 17 down in the second half against Wisconsin, but the Tigers won.

You cannot even fully write off teams that did lose. But you particularly can’t relegate any 1-0 teams.

Evolution is a part of college football. The issues seen in Week 1 -- UCLA’s offensive line, Alabama’s corners, LSU’s youth -- could ultimately prevent those teams from making the playoff, but they could also be immediately correctable. For now, don’t exaggerate imperfection.