Is it time for a change of scenery for Bob Stoops?

Oklahoma should have a new coach in 2015.

No, Bob Stoops is not getting fired. He sports a 166-42 career record and has never had a losing season.

However, Stoops should strongly consider leaving on his own volition to shake things up. It would be of benefit to his career, to Oklahoma -- and to his next school.

If jobs at Florida and Michigan do open, both would have Stoops high on their wish lists. And the feeling should be mutual.

Let’s face the facts: Oklahoma has gotten stagnant.

“It happens. He should move on,” one coach told me Saturday. “Ten years is the max, I would say.”

If the staleness wasn’t clear, Saturday’s 48-14 loss to Baylor drove home the point.

After winning 75 of his first 77 games at Owen Field, Stoops is 14-5 there since then.

“That was a tough place to play,” one coach told me Saturday night.

Yeah -- was.

Even in their previous six home defeats, Stoops' Sooners had not been embarrassed like this. OU fans lustily booed the team’s soft defense early in the second half on Saturday. And that’s before the game really went sideways.

The Sooners lost by 34; Stoops’ first six home losses came by a combined 36 points.

Put it this way: There’s a growing number of OU fans who would help load Stoops’ moving van if the day came. Too many years of promise have gone unfulfilled, and too many years have passed since the Sooners' 2000 BCS title.

“I think it’s very real,” one coach said when I asked him generally about OU's staleness. “Fans get spoiled. A lot of coaches move on to keep it new, keep energy high. Look at Urban [Meyer].”

Maybe it was just a contract leverage play, which worked, but I believed some coaches when they told me Stoops had genuine interest last winter in the Cleveland Browns job.

“I think he’s looking for other options,” a coach said Saturday.