Pac-12 Pivot Points: USC in BCS?

Next up in our Pivot Points series -- If X happens, then Y results -- is the Pac-12. You better believe Oregon and USC are topics of discussion, as is a surprise team from the South Division and one likable coach who could be moving toward the hot seat.

Let's take a look at five potential events that could shape the conference this season:

1. If USC stays relatively healthy, the Trojans could play in a BCS game.

Insider contributor Phil Steele has the Trojans as one of his national title sleepers. When I told friends he had USC in the top 10, a couple of them responded, "South Carolina?"

After a visit to South L.A. last week, I can see where Steele’s optimism is rooted. As one coach told me, and others have since agreed with, the Trojans' 67 is stronger than most teams' 85.