Early concerns for title contenders

It was just one week, and all but one of the following teams won their games, but a few potential concerns have surfaced for some SEC teams who came into the year as BCS championship contenders.

It remains to be seen whether Alabama's and Georgia’s offensive lines or Texas A&M’s defensive front will preclude them from competing for conference or national titles, but they are areas worth watching as some key matchups between these teams take place in the next couple of weeks. (And some other national contenders like Ohio State and Oregon coast against light early schedules.)

Here's a look at early-season concerns for five BCS title contenders from the SEC.

1. Alabama Crimson Tide

Chief concern: offensive line

Did this catch anyone else by surprise? I had talked to enough people familiar with the team that I presumed the Tide might experience a slight-but-unnoticeable drop-off along the line. But it seemed as if every time I looked up to the TV from my spot in the Clemson press box, quarterback AJ McCarron was in danger during the Tide's Week 1 win over Virginia Tech.